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Why TIM A.F.Z?


Quality services, fast solutions and actions with our customers to share the responsibilities of our...

Quality Control Systems

In accordance with the quality control procedures in which we are formed with our customers, Selection-Sorting & ReWork Parts Inspection, Parts Control, Selection and Supervision processes the quality control of products with appropriate equipment and labor. In the quality control processes, the conformity of the products to the samples is checked by taking all the features into consideration.

Corporate Supply

As a corporate supply, we produce solutions by offering various products to companies from many different sectors. Enterprise Supply, provides fast and high quality support to your company nationwide with its wide range of products. Our company has a dynamic structure which is constantly growing and rapidly growing with new ideas. All kinds of products and services you need are quickly supplied to your service

Production Support

Production support, cleaning, quality control, such as technical and managerial personnel in many fields of activity without compromising our quality we provide. We provide periodical or permanent personnel procurement in order to provide quality production, production costs and flexible working environment.

Education at TİM A.F.Z

Quality starts with EDUCATION and continues with EDUCATION. QUALITY ROSE...

Visual and Dimensional Education

White Collar Educations

Kaizen Edıcation

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